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Think different to feel different

Think Different

Living life with a painful hip or knee is a challenge and when non-surgical treatments fail to provide lasting relief, the idea of surgery should be considered. Debilitating pain can take a toll on living a dynamic and productive life.  Surgical replacement of a damaged joint is a proactive way to reclaim your life from the pain your old joints caused you. It is understood that surgery comes with its own set of anxieties.  Although your doctor might do a thorough job of explaining the surgical procedures, every patient has a unique thought process, so it can be hard to ensure that each one of us is mentally prepared for surgery. 


The mind is a powerful thing and when a topic such as an upcoming surgery is not understood well, that lack of understanding may turn into fearful thoughts. As doctors, we try our best to generate a positive mindset to help our patients feel at ease. Here are a couple of things that you can do to help yourself develop a positive mindset for before your surgery: 


  1. Create a list. Remind yourself of the negative aspects of the current pain you experience. Think of the difference in mobility that you hope for after surgery and what you believe life might be like for you afterwards. Consider all the limits to your current life that you have a result of her pain and the many active things you may be able to accomplish after you get your health back in order. 


  1. TAKE IT EASY!!! Life comes with many imperfections, but do not think about the worst that could happen. Having a negative mindset to the all the things that could go wrong during your operation does no good for you, and does no good for the team working in your favor. Be excited about the many things that your new future will hold after your surgery. 


  1. Take up a positive and new hobby. Hobbies are important to our mental stimulation and general happiness.  Find something that will make your brain stimulated and excitable. Honing in on fruitful activities is a healthy way to keep the negative vibes at bay. There are those who take up therapy, both with clinically licensed therapists and/or easy-going family members. We all need someone that can lend an ear.  Exercise classes like yoga, pilates and aqua-aerobics helps to relieve stress and they encourage you to embrace your mind and face your mental plagues. 




Ugo Ihekweazu, MD Orthopedic Surgeon Hip and Knee Replacement Minimally Invasive and Revision Surgery

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