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Knee Replacement Surgery Specialist

Ugo  Ihekweazu, MD, FAAOS -  - Hip and Knee Replacement & Orthopedic Surgeon

Ugo Ihekweazu, MD, FAAOS

Board-Certified Hip and Knee Replacement & Orthopedic Surgeon

Your knees are incredibly complex joints with many moving parts that all need to work together for optimal function. So, when problems develop in this complex joint, and all other treatment options have failed, a total knee replacement may be your best option. Thanks to modern, contemporary surgical techniques, Ugo Ihekweazu, MD, is able to get his Houston area patients back on their feet with minimal recovery time. If you’re in the Houston area, and you’d like to learn more about total knee replacement, call the office or use the online scheduler to request an appointment.

Total Knee Replacement Surgery Q&A

Why would I need a total knee replacement?

Your knee is a large hinge joint that’s responsible for the support of your body and bears range of motion when it comes to your mobility. Because your knees also provide support and shock absorption for more than two-thirds of your body, they endure a fair amount of wear and tear, which can begin to make itself known, rather painfully, as you get older.

Far and away the main reason people seek knee replacement is due to degenerative conditions, such as osteoarthritis. With arthritis, the cartilage that covers the surface of your bones has deteriorated, allowing the rough surface of bones to rub together, which causes inflammation and pain.

What is a knee replacement?

During a knee replacement procedure, the orthopedic surgeon does the following:

  • Removes your damaged cartilage and bones
  • Prepares your femur and tibia for their respective components
  • Prepares the knee cap for the new knee cap

Ultimately, the purpose behind the procedure is to replace the entire hinge joint with an artificial one that allows you full mobility and range of motion, minus the pain and inflammation.

Who is a candidate for a total knee replacement surgery?

If you’re experiencing problems with your knee that are limiting your movements and causing pain, you should first undergo a complete evaluation by Dr. Ihekweazu to pinpoint the underlying cause of your problem.

Using advanced imaging, Dr. Ihekweazu determines the extent of the damage and comes up with an appropriate solution.

If your injury or disease is localized throughout the knee, Dr. Ihekweazu can use minimally invasive surgical techniques to replace your knee for better function.

If you’d like to find out whether you’re a candidate for a total knee replacement, call Dr. Ihekweazu or request an appointment using the online scheduling tool.