Need a new "new" hip?


Can you recall the famous song  “Dem bones” by the Delta Rhythm Boys? A familiar melody that helps to casually translate the anatomical make-up of your skeleton?  The song does a phenomenal job of explaining some of the major bones in your body and connecting its importance to one another. It goes a little something like this: Your hip bone’s connected to your back bone”! That's right, your hip is a major player in your mobility and agility given its direct relation to your spine. While uncommon, pain following a hip replacement is possible if something goes wrong.  Oftentimes, hip pain following a hip replacement can be challenging to appropriately diagnose and may be attributed to other problem areas such as the spine and surrounding muscles. If you happen to experience pain in the groin, buttocks, or hip area, it might be possible that the pain is due to a defective hip replacement. 

The purpose of hip surgery is to improve your overall physical function and provide enhanced comfort to your hip joint. If this has not been accomplished, then an in depth consultation with an expert in joint replacement surgery is necessary to determine if something with your implant has gone wrong and you require revision surgery. Consulting with your physician before your surgery will clarify any questions you may have concerning recovery and rehabilitation.

While it may sound daunting, revision hip replacement, has the potential to restore a high quality of life to patients with problems concerning their prior prosthesis The procedure can help to restore certain malfunctioning components of the original surgery; at times it might even be necessary to completely replace the entire hip. Do not hesitate to consult an expert if you have concerns regarding your prosthesis.

Ugo Ihekweazu, MD Orthopedic Surgeon Hip and Knee Replacement Minimally Invasive and Revision Surgery

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